Guardians of the Edge: Last of the Portal Keys - Patti Larsen

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Guardians of the Edge: Last of the Portal Keys

Patti Larsen


Stealing the Prize

The artifact flared to life, the glow of it throwing so much heat through the room Aiden winced back. He caught a glimpse of his parent’s shocked faces as the glow enveloped them. As suddenly, the light vanished. He blinked, fighting to regain his night eyes as sparkles shifted and whorled across his vision, heart hammering suddenly so loud in his ears he couldn't hear past his own pulse. It only took seconds, but it seemed an eternity while he fought off the last of the afterimage and stared in disbelief.

The prize lay on the pedestal, the glass case resting on the floor beside it. Two black backpacks lay collapsed nearby. But his parents... they were nowhere to be seen.

Twelve-year-old master thief Aiden Trent has been trained by the best—his parents. It is rumored there is nothing they can’t steal. So when an easy job in an old museum comes up, they take it. Trouble is, the goal is no ordinary prize. In a flash of light, his parents disappear, leaving Aiden to uncover the secret behind the artifact while he flees from the man who hired them to steal it in the first place.


Patti Larsen takes us on another whirlwind adventure, this time with twelve-year-old master thief, Aiden. Aiden has been trained by his parents to not only steal remarkable prizes, but also to keep himself safe in the process. Luckily he hasn't forgotten a single lesson. When a job goes south and his parents disappear, leaving him with nothing but a bunch of questions and a mysterious cube, Aiden's forced to follow his training in ways he never imagined.

The book was so packed full of adventure, it practically stole my breath away. Aiden is a delightfully clever character who was never defeated, no matter what hardships were thrown at him. And boy does Larsen love to make her characters suffer. I'm so intrigued with the origin of the cube. I can't wait for the next book in the series to learn more.

A great read for both guys and girls who want an exciting story with just a touch of the paranormal.